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  Obat Komplikasi asam lambung (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)
   11/11/2016 um 07:51
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   11/11/2016 um 06:46
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  Ranjan Jha (Delhi, India)
   11/11/2016 um 06:43
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   10/11/2016 um 05:40
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  Vivekets1 bhadauriya (Delhi, India)
   09/11/2016 um 05:43
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  Sembuh dari stroke (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)
   09/11/2016 um 05:26
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  Obat asam urat (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)
   08/11/2016 um 05:40
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  Obat radang payudara (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)
   07/11/2016 um 04:46
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  Obat kanker usus (Tasikmalaya, Indonesia)
   05/11/2016 um 05:22
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